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A Systems Approach to Language Services

We understand the business-side of delivering professional services because we run our interpreting and translating business every day. Our solutions are based on the day-to-day events of healthcare systems and service providers.

Corporate Training

Utilize our training services to build high-performing, highly engaged teams that are ready to respond to the needs of your diverse patient population.

Language Services

We work with you to design, deliver and maintain a language access program that integrates into your existing systems and processes no matter the size.


Expertise in any subject matter takes years to develop. Leverage our expertise to ensure a positive impact your organization’s people, services, and bottom line.

Why Choose Us

Healthcare Focus

You can’t predict every patient encounter, and we don’t expect you to. We’re proud to be available when you need, for as long as you need. We roll with scheduling changes as well as you do. We’re ready for that unexpected walk-in patient – just like you are. Provider running behind? We’re ready for that, too. Sure, we are in the language services industry, but our team spends each and every day immersed exclusively in the healthcare environment – working elbow to elbow with doctors and nurses, patients and healthcare administrators.

Peace of Mind

We give you more than just a list of services; we help you solve problems. Our collaborative scheduling and administrative systems, confirmation and reminder call processes, customized utilization reports, flexible interpreter accessibility, and interpreter training and education modules are all designed with your needs in mind. We have the systems, tools and resources you need to trust your language access plan is keeping up with the changes in your budget, your technology and your industry.

Our Team is Awesome

Of course everyone says that, but ours really is! Crazy talented too! Our professional healthcare interpreters and schedulers undergo intense initial training and continuously develop their skills. (It only makes sense, since one of our core values is Education. Our other core values are Professionalism, Communication and Integrity.) It’s really quite simple. You’re crazy talented, too, and you need to know you’re working with interpreters and schedulers who can keep up with you. No matter who you work with on our team, we won’t miss a beat! (And neither will you.) We will become part of your TEAM, because we know that Together Everyone Achieves More.

Placing you first

Here’s what you can expect from us. You can count on us to understand the complexities of language access in health care, and you can count on us to serve your business and patient care needs with the same care that you do. With Connecting Cultures, Inc., you get a complete solution and an engaged business partner. We’ll leverage our knowledge and experience to give you the solutions that will help you achieve your goals.

Explanatory Videos

Explore these videos about our solutions.